Mass Medical Strains – Space Walrus (Aloha Island Collaboration) 13 seeds with Mass Medical Freebie

Mass Medical Strains - Space Walrus

Genetics: Indigo Child x Star Pupil 111 x Hawaiian Walrus
Sex: Regular
Type: Hybrid
Flowering Time: 7-9 weeks
Yield: High
Area (Indoor, outdoor, both): Both

Notes: Space Walrus is a very special collaboration created by Aloha Island  Genetics x Mass Medical Strains. These plants have the highest TAC (36%) we  have ever seen and in a very unique ratio: 27% thc with 9% cbd! This makes for a very powerful effect, and the synergy of cannabinoids seems to make it more long lasting than typical with an amazing heady glow. Buds are totally filled with pink and purple hues! Very Pupil-dominant but with something more, and incredible terpene rich flowers. Classic pupil funk to the extreme, accented by delicious tropical fruits and dmt/mothball kushy funk. These plants are short in stature and the buds put on a lot of weight and frost in the last few weeks of bloom. Super gooey, extremely colorful, and with huge beautiful fan leaves. Aloha and MMS have been sharing seeds and cuts back and forth for a few generations to create this amazing collaboration! We hope you all enjoy, with some Aloha Island sunshine and positive vibes!


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