Schwaggy Seeds – Skunky D (10 seeds)

Schwaggy Seeds - Skunky D

Genetics: (Chem D x Skunky Brewster)
Number of seeds in the pack: 10+
Sex (Regular, Feminized, Auto Flower):
Type (Indica, Sativa, Hybrid): Hybrid
Flowering Time:
65-70 days
Area (Indoor, Outdoor, Both):


Overall Summary
Your eyes shoot open as you’re awakened from a slumber with a most offensive odor intruding your nostrils. You peer outside the window expecting to see a road crew laying down fresh asphalt, to no avail. As you frantically search for the source of this most foul stench, you expect to find your dog is enduring some digestive distress but find him suffering no such issues. Your search leaves you just outside your flower tent, convinced an incontinent rat gorged on garlic just before dying awaits you inside. As you choke back the dry heaves, you use the hand not pinching your nose to unzip the tent; the realization strikes, there is no dead animal in your flower space at all. It’s just the Skunky D, mid bloom, stinking up the joint.

Skunky D brings together the raunchy Chem D, prized for her power, and the stable frost factory Skunky Brewster. This cross has produced shortened, more stable, and quicker flowering Chem D terped plants that can cause involuntary recoil upon smelling.

Most phenos will stay on the shorter side and have minimal branching. A few will sport the branchy Chem structure, but most will have a marked increase in trichome production. This particular pairing has taken the best of both parents to create a solid plant that Skunk and Chem lovers alike will enjoy.

An unfocused stare into nothingness, sticky fingers, and stung nostrils await those who are brave enough to cultivate this frosty stank tower.

Chem D leaners: Longer internodes, sporadic doubly serrated leaves, sporadic variegation of leaves, open/branchy structure, longer flower time, dirty diaper/fresh asphalt/garlic nose
Skunky Brewster leaners: Shorter stature, long narrow leaf blades with deep “Rambo knife” serrations, evenly distributed leaf blade ratio, double-take frost coverage, sweet/berry nose, shaggy sugar leaves

Taste/Smells: garlic, fecal, asphalt, rotting berries
Height: Average/Tall plants, with 2-3x stretch
Flowering Time: 65-70 days
Feeding: moderate feed, some phenos require higher levels of magnesium by mid-bloom.
Training: more responsive to topping as the stronger stems prove slight difficulty employing LST or SCROG type training after a certain point in veg. This can work in a SOG setup or grown as mini trees depending on the pheno.

Testing Results
As with many Chems, the D cut can develop late nanners. Only one pheno of the Skunky D threw one late nanner in light leak testing. In the interest of your time/effort/money, I feel I am duty bound to make explicit this possibility. Veteran Chem/OG/Cookie growers are hardened to this reality, but removing light starved lower growth on the plant, keeping the feed on the low side, and mitigating any light leaks will go a long way to ensure the only problem you’ll have is figuring out which pheno to keep.


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