Seeds of Compassion – Gas Chamber (13 reg. seeds)

Seeds of Compassion - Gas Chamber

Genetics: 36th Chamber x Slimer BX
Seeds in pack: 13
Sex: Regular

Notes: The 36th Chamber pheno used is pretty much a Motorbreath15 pheno selection. Lots of gas here and some bottom end raunch, with the zesty sting of OG Kush. Diesel and Chem with the earthy zing of OG Kush? C’mon now. A powerful but euphoric high… with an intensely bold, full bodied diesel/earth/kush flavor. The citrus of Slimer bx is more Orange/Tangerine as opposed to the more lemony citrus of OG Kush. Slimer bx is also a more gentle, pure Tangerine nectar terped, whereas Ecto Cooler contains a wider spectrum of gas/citrus. Seductive Orange nectar blended with the fumes of man made Diesel…..welcome to the GAS CHAMBER


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