Seeds of Compassion – Cherry Slimer (13 reg. seeds)

Seeds of Compassion - Cherry Slimer

Genetics: MCK7 x Slimer BX
Seeds in pack: 13
Sex: Regular

Notes: Michigan Cherry Kush, made by one of the most solid and talented dudes I’ve come to know in this “community”….fourwiseyes of kineticgenetics. He bred keed’s Cherry Kush (Cherry AK47 x Alien Kush) to the Cherry Pie clone. I love Cherry terps. The pheno used in CHERRY SLIMER is the #7 selection. This cut has a beautiful branching structure, and almost doesn’t need to be trained. She’s almost all calyx, not much leaf. And she gets a pretty thick coat of trichomes on her flowers. Smells of Cherry, Earth, and small bit of that mineral like smell of Flintstone vitamins. I wanted to mix Cherry with Orange/Tangerine terps. The two Slimer bx males will add bulk and Orange/Tangerine terps to the flowers of MCK7. MCK7 x Slimer bx is……CHERRY SLIMER


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