Schwaggy Seeds – HAOG BX4 (10 seeds)

Schwaggy Seeds - HOAG BX4

Genetics: [HAOG x (HAOG x {HAOG x (HAOG x Black Triangle)})]
Number of seeds in the pack: 10+
Sex: Regular
Type (Indica, Sativa, Hybrid): Indica
Flowering Time: 70-75 days
Yield: Medium
Area (Indoor, Outdoor, Both): Both

Overall Summary
Fire in the hole! The first exhale greets your head with a warm tingling and instant eye pillowification. The earthy fuel with hints of pine/lemon cleaner coats your mouth and does not make you wait for the effect to take hold. You realize that this is no ordinary smoke as your body becomes one with your seat. As your muscles relax, you develop a gelatin skeleton that eases all body tension and life takes on slow motion speed. After staring at the wall for several minutes, the realization washes over you, you’re stoned like never before. This is what is meant by an indica high.

The HAOG is a fine specimen that embodies classic OG traits. She’s has a lanky structure, golf ball nugs that can yield when dialed, OG nose, deep green leathery broad leaves, and a stoned stupid effect like no other.

This is the final BX in a cube project using the Hell’s Hypotenuse (HAOG x Black Triangle) as the original outcross. The Black Triangle was chosen for this project to keep the OG influences in the early BX generations. The difficulty presented by beginning the project with a similar genetic is being mitigated by using multiple males embodying HAOG dominance for each BX. This polyandric backcross method seeks to keep the gene pool open enough not to lose any traits of the HAOG that may “wash out” as a result of the male selection.

This skeleton melter will test your space, so prepare for a stretch.

Tall, long internodes, thick broad leathery leaves, tall/narrowed bud formation that fills out laterally later in bloom, and sharp fuel/pine cleaner smells

Taste/Smells: kush, earthy, lemon/pine cleaner, salty, hash, fuel
Height: Tall, 3-4x stretch
Flowering Time: 70-75days
Nutrient Requirements: Light to moderate feed, prefer the lighter feeding (can N tox easily early in flower).
Training: Support will be needed by mid bloom. Will respond well to topping. If in hydro, flip a bit earlier to accommodate the stretch.

Testing Results
!!!- These seeds are large and tough, consider scuffing or manually cracking them-!!!
As with many OG’s, the HAOG cut can develop one or two male balls in the light starved lower third of the plant when stressed. Veteran Chem/OG/Cookie growers are hardened to this reality, but removing light starved lower growth on the plant, keeping the feed on the low side, and mitigating any light leaks will go a long way to ensure the only problem you’ll have is figuring out which pheno to keep.


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