Schwaggy Seeds – Afghan Skunk F3BX1 (10 seeds)

Schwaggy Seeds - Afghan Skunk F3BX1

Genetics: (Green Crack S1 x Granny Skunk)
Number of seeds in the pack: 10+
Sex: Regular
Type (Indica, Sativa, Hybrid): Hybrid (sativa dom)
Flowering Time: 58-65 days
Yield: Medium-Heavy
Area (Indoor, Outdoor, Both): Both

Overall Summary
Schwaggy’s Afghan Skunk grow like most Afghan Skunks with tighter bush structures and minimal stretch during flower. They can veg a bit slower than average, so ensure that you’re putting them into flower with an extended veg-time. The phenotype variance has been tightened but still throws 2 main variants: chunky solid towers and a more opened inter-bud spaced narrow leaf. Most phenos sport large-calyx, chunky colas with very tacky trichomes. The line has been worked to favor a narrower leaf trait to help allow better light penetration and airflow in the classical leafy/stout afghan skunk plants. Older generations of this line benefitted from light defoliation in early flower, but this need has been reduced by narrower leafed selection (though some phenos may still benefit).

This line is a great commercial candidate with a shorter flower time, stout structure that requires little support throughout, a mind clouding euphoric high with heavy, tight, bright green buds and a sharp sour funky smoke.

As a skunk-fiend, I know afghan skunks can be associated with the RKS but I don’t want growers to pick this up only to be disappointed to not find a rank plant. If you are looking to pop these with the expectation of finding an RKS, this is not the pack; but if you’re looking for a solid plant in the style of an Afghan Skunk look no further.

Chunky Towers: Tighter solid forearm colas with petioles that disappear later in flower
Separated Nug Plants: Slightly elongated internodal spacing that allows some separation between nugs, usually narrower fanleaves

Taste/Smells: sharp, astringent, sour, sweet, lime, funk (b.o.)
Height: short-medium 0.5-1x stretch
Flowering Time: 58-65 days
Nutrient Requirements: Moderate to heavy feed, pretty forgiving
Training: stout bushes with apical dominance, some side branches may sag towards end but most phenos will pull through without issue.

Testing Results
These are very solid parents that have never displayed any form of hermaphroditism. This has continued in the Schwaggy’s Afghan Skunk. Some humid environments with the solid bud tower phenos can pose a mold risk in later flower if no grower intervention takes place. Keeping airflow strong to mitigate any mold risks.



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