Puzzle Piece Genetics – Frosted Funk (10+ Seeds)

Puzzle Piece Genetics - Frosted Funk

Genetics: Motorbreath 15 (sticky icky og’s find) x Winter Windshield (Wedding Cake x Mac V2)
Seeds in the pack: 10+
Sex: Regular
Flowering Time: up to 70 days
Type: Hybrid
Yield: Average to above average
Area: Indoor, outdoor, both: Tested indoor

Notes: Frosted Funk combines 3 of the finest smoking, most potent strains in the industry. Motorbreath 15, wedding cake, and Mac v2! Motorbreath 15 is the best smelling plant ever found. It’s a perfect blend of Chem and OG and the potency isn’t for occasional smokers. The winter windshield male has brought some really cool expressions out of the MB15 including some “modern OG” types. That’s an og smell with the Mac v2 look. Expect some stretchy plants that’s fill in with rock hard buds that are absolutely frosted.


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