Professor Strange Pork

Professor Strange Pork is a cross between Cherry Sauce and Hogzilla. This cross was made from two of our favorite breeding strains. Our Prized Cherry Sauce Pheon #2 female for its flavor, color, potency and yield and The Male Hogzilla for its flavor, color, potency and yield as well. The combination of these two great strain will produce some Super Potent, Extra high Yielding Extremely colorful, and Stank Nugs. A super psychedelic mind numbing and jaw dropping, mind and body trip will be induced once inhaling these beautiful crystal coated Nugs given off by these beauties.

Professor Strange Pork

Type = Regular

Flowering Time is on the shorter end of 56-63 days

Genetics = ( Cherry Sauce x Hogzilla )

Mostly Indica with some pheno’s expressing the taller Sativa type look

Height = Short – High-Medium


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