Seeds of Compassion – Pink Biscuit (10 seeds)

Pink Biscuit - 10 Regular Seeds

Genetics: (Pink Lemonade x Gorilla Biscuit)

By now most people are familiar with Gorilla Biscuit but Pink Lemonade is a whole other deal. Pink Lemonade smells exactly like Pink Lemonade and the plant is actually full on Pink with a very generous covering of beautiful sticky resins! She is genetically Pink so some colors should be readily apparent in Pink Biscuit. Whether or not she turns without a temperature drop is really secondary to why I made this cross. Let me break it down for you...
Pink Lemonade is a great and very potent daytime medical strain with a THC content of 21% so no lacking in power common to the colored strains of today. As great as Pink Lemonade is she stretches quite a bit and the buds are not as tight as many people prefer these days. Gorilla Biscuit is going to fix all of her problems and since Gorilla Biscuit can be a squat plant the stretch of Pink Lemonade is going to make Pink Biscuit have your daydreams come true.


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