Tony Green’s Tortured Beans – Pine Tar Gush(10-reg seeds)

"Pine Tar Gush"  

Pine Tar Kush x Gorilla Bubble BX3 F2 - "Pine Tar Gush"  

Our latest release is one we are proud to put in your hands and one that took a world spanning collaboration to get to you.

As the story goes Tom Hill obtained his "Pine Tar Kush" from his friend and mentor "The Chemist" who sourced

these original landrace genetics pre 1960 before the Hippy Trail even existed. Tom went on to save these lines

through open pollination of the Pine Tar Kush, X-18 and Deep Chunk families. These old world Pakistani Kush plants were preserved by Tom and later held and bred by Leangreen eventually making their way to Verdantgreen. VG and I decided to hook up on this project to see what we could do and the results blew us away. VG dusted his keeper Gorilla Bubble BX3 moms with his Pine Tar Kush males and I dug through the F1 looking for keepers to make these F2's for public release. My main goal was to bring some old school flavor and landrace genetics up to date with a little modern day resin production and potency. The results blew me away.


PTK x GB presents as a mostly Indica hybrid with extreme vigor that leads to tremendous branching and structure.

She produces 8 and 9 week phenos that can be ran to 10 if preferred with the extreme coloring coming between 9 and 10 weeks.

The Pine Tar Gush generally has a sharp pine tree like top end with skunky/hashy bottom notes mingled with a tart tangy sour apple essence that lingers on your lips. 8 and 9 weeks produced the sharpest pine smells, laterthe skunky bottom end becomes stronger and she develops a complex full bodied smoke thick with pine, apple and skunk notes. These flowers have an incredibly powerful smell that will get you both looks of approval and looks of disdain!


Smoke reports delivered a kind experience for all who have tried her with a good vibe feeling, socially motivating, creative and chatty smoke of top notch potency that can either keep you going and motivated all day or finish your night in bliss.

Several testers report that she makes you want to sing! Her resin is outstanding with a thick greasy sticky feel and trichomes are produced in prodigious amounts.


No intersex issues presented in our parents but as with most landrace genetics keep an eye out your first time flowering.

Due to their amazing branching these plants WILL require pruning and shaping. They respond well to topping, lollipopping

and other popular training techniques. In most cases she generally can support her own flowers but she is a VERY vigorous indica

so outdoors or in high lighting rooms keep an eye out and provide support as needed! These grow strong and quickly due to hybrid vigor and generally stretch at least 2x during flower. 

If you are looking for something original to hunt through that has an old school vibe, unique terps, top end potency and insane resin production then these are for you!!  



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