Peppermint Pig

“Pepper Mint Pig”

(Mint Chocolate Chip x Hogzilla)

Our goal in creating this strain was to drop the height of the Mint Chocolate Chip and to add some major weight to the buds. Our Hogzilla is a short squat plant with huge frosty citrus, berry, flavored nugs. Our mint chocolate chip is a tall lanky plant with extremely potent flowers that smell of chocolate and spice. We were hoping to achieve predominately short, squat, heavy hitting, yet large flowers, that are covered in chocolate, citrus and berry flavored Tricombs. This medication will leave you on the couch heavily relaxed and feeling great! A mind numbing combination! The Pepper Mint Pig will be a fairly easy to manage plant, that is sure to please any grower with its fast maturing genetics and enormous yields!

Flowering time = 56-63 days

Plant height = medium-tall

Sex= regular

Linage= Mint Chocolate Chip (Mother) HogZilla (Father)

Indica Dominate


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