Mass Medical Strains – Pan Dragon (13 seeds) with Pupil Mango (5-seeds) Freebie

Mass Medical Strains - Pan Dragon

Comes with Pre-packed Pupil Magoo Freebie

Genetics: Panama Powerhouse x Dragons Stash F2
Seeds per pack: 13

Pan Dragon is a collaboration strain by Dragons Flame Genetics x Dmanseeds x Mass Medical Strains. The three of us share the love for old school strains with face melting potency and next-level intense effects, the kind that old heads complain are hard to find in today’s weed. It was only natural that we would come together for this intense creation! Phenotypes range from metallic swampy fuel, to metallic airport pollution gas funk, spicy lacquer, to blueberry syrup! Flower time 7-10 weeks, phenotype dependent. Find beautiful phenotypes with black and red leaves (from the Dragon’s Stash F2), pink hairs (from the Panama Red), super high yielding phenotypes and excellent performance both indoors and outdoors. Expect intense potency. Super enjoyable for the seasoned connoisseur. Does amazing indoors and outdoors!

The mom used is a Panama Powerhouse, selected by Mass Medical Strains and bred in 2005 by Dmanseeds. One of my favorite strains of all time. This was a truly special plant, with very unique swampy metallic greasy airport pollution funk and a gassy spice to duct tape background. These buds are super unique, and this plant gives a killer old school red-eyed high for even the most experienced of users, with no tolerance build up. A hybrid of a landrace Panama Red and a modern G13 Black Widow F6.

The dads used are Dragon’s Flame Genetics Dragons Stash F2. This is one of his favorite strains, and he picked some incredible frosty colorful males to use in this cross. They keep the potency and enjoyability of effect up there at the top, while adding some amazing traits and variation too. The Dragons Stash increases the yield in many phenotypes, and adds some very special berry and colorful phenos to be found. Adds a high resistance to mold/mildew.

DFG’s words on the Pan Dragon creation:
“Pan Dragon is a very fun collaboration I did with two respected breeders, Mass Medical Strains and Dman Seeds. The Panama Powerhouse mother is a unique fast flowering sativa that has tested over 30% thc, and is a solid plant to begin with. The Dragons Stash puts it on a more productive frame, adds in a very high mold/mildew resistance and outdoor capabilities. This line has diversity from the 3 fathers used, but all are sure to please! A true gem for the connoisseur and commercial cropper alike. The terpene profile of this line range from spicy lacquer, sour metallic gas, and sour fermented fruit. Very potent hybrid smoke, with creative euphoria and intense cerebral effects, with just enough indica to melt body pain and stress.”

This is a limited edition seed release.


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