Nuggy’s Seed Company – Gooey Runtz (10+ reg. seeds)

Nuggy's Seed Company - Gooey Runtz

Genetics: Runtz x jahgoo
Seeds in pack: 10+
Sex: Regular
Flowering Time: 60 days

Notes: Runtz phenos will be tall skinny with rock solid golf balls. Jah will be tighter spacing bushes with a little fluffier nugs. Still not lofty. tight and big. Runtz is a cut from CLTVtd. Tall skinny and very pretty and everything that the fame has claimed. Jahgoo is the heirloom strain with lots of fame from the round valley of Covelo California. Expect to see a little more girth to nugs and maybe not as dense as your typical golf balls of the runtz. Expect lots of colors and high potency.


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