Northern Leaf Seeds – Golden Blu’ezaH (12 reg autoflower seeds)

Northern Leaf Seeds - Golden Blu'ezaH

Lineage: Blueberry Haze 2.0 x Gold Leaf
Sex: Regular autoflower
Seeds per pack: 12

Notes: This is a new F1 first generation cross available only at NLS. Golden Blu'ezaH is a cross between Blueberry Haze 2.0 autoflowering pollen on Gold Leaf autoflowering mothers. This is regular autoflowering seeds so be prepared to pull the males to maintain Sinsemilla. This is a wonderful new cross that has a lot of promise. The plant shouldn't get any taller that 4 ft. To keep them short an early topping may be needed depending on phenotype. These come from THC dominant genetics on both sides. Although THC% has yet to be tested it is well acclaimed by consumers to be great and according to Medel's Genetics Law of Dominance these would be now considered THC Dominant as well purely due to lineage dominance.


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