Genus Seed Co. – Mazari #16 (15 seeds)

"This Mazar-I-Sharif strain was reproduced through open pollination outdoors under full weather in the PNW at 46.5 degrees north latitude. Nine male plants were selected after culling the ones that produced stamen during the vegetative stage. The five female plants featured in these packs finished free of pest infections and free of molds. Their height ranged from 7' - 9' tall with large frames and good structures. These plants were the only five alive after the freezing weather. They finished over a cold and rainy late season. These plants withstood three consecutive days/nights of below freezing temperatures during the first few days of November. They were harvested on November 7th. The plants that produced these seeds were raised by mother nature with unconditional love and care.


These are unworked landrace genetics and a wide spectrum of expressions can still be found in these seeds. Scents of exotic hash, orange spice, citrus, sweet melons, mint/wintergreen toothpaste were noted. Racy leading to a calm and clear mind, uplifting, meditative and third eye expansion are some effects that were experienced from the few plants that were washed for their resin.


I recommend this strain for outdoor/greenhouse cultivation. All the plants I tested indoors expressed intersex traits. Mazari #6, Mazari #9 and Mazari #16 were the most stable of the plants I tested indoors. They showed late season anthers after week 9 and no seeds were found in the finished flowers indoors at 74 days. None of the plants expressed any intersex traits outside. If one chooses to delve in the search for stability indoors you do so at your own risk. It can be done but expect to see some intersex indoors, be vigilant and enjoy the journey!


I purchased the Mazar-I-Sharif seeds used for this project from The Real Seed Company in 2017. This is the 4th ascension produced outside of the source of origin. This line was reproduced three times indoors by the TRSC through open pollination since Angus collected them in '07.


A special thank you and positive vibes goes out to Angus and The Real Seed Company for the permission to release these seeds. Thank You for making this possible Angus., I'm grateful.



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