Mass Medical Strains – White Cu–z (7 fem seeds)

Mass Medical - White Cu--z

Genetics: (Runtz x Putang) S1
Seeds in the pack: 7
Sex: Feminized
Flowering Time: 8-9 weeks
Type: Hybrid
Yield: Medium
Area: Indoor, outdoor, both: Both

Notes: Cuntz is a cross of Runtz x PuTang. I made these initially as a joke because of the name, but they turned out to be something really special, and people would ask constantly, so I decided to make one batch of seeds for release! I don't personally recommend smoking any cannabis with cookies genetics in it, but, for those who like that kind of stuff, I think these will be really special, they have been making a lot of people really happy! These seeds will never be made again, so if these interest you, grab them before it is too late!

Cuntz grows much better than Runtz alone, with great vigor from the PuTang side, we see about 2.5-3x stretch on these plants, with impressive structure and loads of bud sites that produce dense frosty buds even down lower. These plants can stack impressively, and can tolerate slightly lower light levels than many strains, with peak performance around 600ppfd in flower! The intensity of the terpenes on these plants is a serious treasure, and they hold their profile very well during drying and curing, these are very forgiving plants, and more stress-resistant than many Runtz crosses out there!

The White pheno is the most Runtz dominant of the 3 versions of Cuntz. (Runtz x PuTang) bred and selected by Mass Medical Strains.

It has a very sharp orange citrus candy gelato fuel mixture! These terps come on strong by the third week of flower. Plant has a big vigorous stretch and serious production with unbelievable terps and white gooey resin on purple buds. The resin is so white you can barely see the color underneath!

PuTang brings more euphoria and mental energy to the Runtz!


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