Mass Medical Strains – Psych Ward (13 seeds) w Golden Pupil Freebie (3-Fem seeds)

Mass Medical - Psych Ward

Genetics: Psyche (The one Bc1 x The One Bc1 Afghani Dom) x Deadly Sativa (Amnesia Haze x Prayer Tower sativa)
Seeds in the pack: 13
Sex: Regular
Flowering Time: 7-10 weeks
Type: Sativa hybrid
Yield: High
Area: Indoor, outdoor, both: Both

Notes: Psych Ward combines Psyche (The One Bc1 x The One Bc1) and Deadly Sativa for the fastest finishing haze dominant hybrid I have ever seen! Typically finished in 7 weeks, these have a short, squat frame, with large buds that are dense and foxtaily at the same time. Super frosty, and some phenos put on purple color at the end of flower! These plants smell insane and are sure to take you for a ride. Haze meets Afghani Indica for the best of both worlds in this potent yet balanced hybrid! Flavors of berry and melted butter, lacquer.


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