Mass Medical Strains – Platinum PuTang Punch (7 fem seeds) w Deadly Swabi 3 seeds fem Freebie

Mass Medical - Platinum PuTang Punch (Limited)

Genetics: Platinum Punch x PuTang
Seeds in the pack: 7
Sex: Feminized
Type: Hybrid
Flowering Time: 7-8 weeks
Yield: High
Area: (Indoor, Outdoor, Both): Both

Notes: One word: Frost. This is one of the frostiest strains! Not only that, but the PuTang turns up the intensity of terpenes to the extreme with its dominant sharp orange, gaining some creaminess from the Platinum Punch side. The buds are ridiculously dense, pink and white, insane frost. Nice calm hybrid high with no anxiety, pure relaxation. Limited to only 70, hand numbered packs.

Emoji grows tons of rock-hard dense buds, full of frost, with various shades of green to purple, some being extra white with frost. An easy plant to grow, strong branches that need no support, and a great yield. Maximum bag appeal. The high is very strong, instant red-eyes kind of thing.

Platinum PuTang Punch is our all new super frosty strain, combining the Platinum Punch with our award winning PuTang in feminized seed form! The PuTang terps are dominant in these plants, providing a fantastic juicy orange candy blast, sharp like a solvent! Buds are extremely dense and these plants can finish flowering in 7-8 weeks, some phenos might go 9 at most! They are generally really fast and have good production as well as colorful fades, loads of pink buds with white trichomes. Effects are in the middle, pretty relaxing and calm! Limited to only 70 packs being released, each one is hand numbered.


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