Mass Medical Strains – Medi Pak (7 fem seeds)

Mass Medical - Medi Pak

Genetics: Medi Haze CBD x Swabi Pakistani
Seeds in the pack: 7
Sex: Feminized
Flowering Time: 63 days
Type: Sativa
Yield: High
Area: Indoor, outdoor, both: Both

Notes: Medi Pak is an extremely exotic haze x landrace hybrid with a bonus of cbd and thcv in addition to thc. Ratios vary, with some phenotypes having higher THC and some having a 1:1
ratio. This was bred for physchoactive smokeability, meaning even though it has CBD, it is extremely potent and enjoyable. In fact, many people underestimate how psychoactive a good haze is when there's some CBD mixed in to accentuate and prolong the entire duration of the high in such a special way. This is the ultimate treat for those needing a strong medicinal effect with the typical intensity of a strong haze type! Medi Pak has been gaining traction as one of the most potent mind highs with amazing benefits for the body as well. Containing thcv and more rare cannabinoids from the Swabi Pakistani landrace, this strain has shown benefits for mental health, multiple sclerosis, and more. Expect a 3x+ stretch, delicious hazy candy and landracey terpene profiles, and a very frosty sativa type of flower. Flower time of 9-10 weeks.


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