Mass Medical Strains – Lab Leak (7 fem seeds) w Golden Pupil 3 seed fem Freebie

Mass Medical - Lab Leak

Genetics: (Chem #1 x Sunshine Daydream) x Star Pupil
Seeds in the pack: 7
Sex: Feminized
Flowering Time: 8-9 weeks
Type: Hybrid
Yield: High
Area: Indoor, outdoor, both: Both

Notes: This is a special creation featuring Chemdog in a totally new way, the rare Chem 1 (more tightly held sativa pheno!) crossed to Sunshine Daydream, and then crossed to Star Pupil for a champion pedigree and so many amazing traits. These form massive buds with a high yield, intense aromas and a killer uplifting sativa-hybrid blissful high to take you to mental outer space along with a strong body hug buzzzz. Enjoy lots of color and frost on dense buds. A 2-3x stretch and a plant that produces great yields all the way down. Strong aromas of Model Paint are extremely intense, fuely as well. Lab Leak has slightly less stretch than Axle Grease, and the two lines are very similar, with additional orange citrus terps to find in the Axle Grease compared to Lab Leak.
Lab Leak and Axle Grease are two half-sister lines released as a limited edition 4/20 2022 MMS special! These are some very unique creations from back in the days when I made Boston Cream Pie and Vanilla Pupil! There are only 57 Lab Leak and 74 Axle Grease packs released in total.


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