Mass Medical Strains – Drippy Eye S1 (7 fem seeds) w Valedictorian 5 seeds Freebie

Mass Medical - Drippy Eye S1

Genetics: (Juicy Fruit Thai x Snow Lotus) x Star Pupil
Seeds in the pack: 7
Sex: Feminized
Type: Hybrid
Flowering Time: 8-10 weeks
Yield: Medium - High
Area: (Indoor, Outdoor, Both): Both

Notes: Juicy Fruit Thai x Snow Lotus, bred by Bodhi Seeds, was some of the highest quality, intense, and unique herb I was growing last year! The Juicy Fruit Thai is a practically legendary strain of older times, known for its intense psycho activity. Paired with the Snow Lotus, the strain becomes denser, frosty, with that sweet yet "medicinal" smell taken to a whole new level. These Bodhi seeds went for $500 at auction! I was blessed with the opportunity to breed with them and share a bit of the magic in these highly sought-after seeds.

Crossing my favorite phenotype with Star Pupil, I have created this limited gem called Drippy Eye. It is named after a trippy song, but the name has double meaning, because the aroma on these plants reminds me exactly of the smell when you walk into an elevator at a doctors office building! The flavor is that plus latex rubber, with floral sugar undertones, in the best way. Super gooey and drippy with resin!

New in this S1 release, I have selected an absolutely outstanding phenotype as the mother of this line, which also contains thcv! The offspring have tested extraordinarily well, full of colors, frost, and terps! Really strong stuff.

A super thick smoke, with instant overwhelming rush of euphoria and feelings. The onset can be very powerful, energetic, happy, and very positive. A long lasting effect for many hours, and little to no tolerance buildup over time. This combination is really enjoyable, and makes me want to dance. I'm not the type of person who dances much, so that's really saying something! I highly recommend this strain paired with your favorite music!

These plants grow easily and are surprisingly short and bushy, as well as quick flowering! A must have for anyone interested in some totally unique hybrids unlike anything else on the market, with really memorable vibes and effects.


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