Mass Medical Strains – Deadly Pupil (13 seeds) with Deadly Swabi (3-seeds) freebie

Mass Medical Strains - Deadly Pupil

Deadly Swabi 3 seed fem pack Freebie included

Genetics: Star Pupil S1 x Deadly Sativa
Sex: Regular
Type: Hybrid
Seeds per pack: 13
Flowering Time: 7-9 weeks
Yield: High
Area (Indoor, outdoor, both): Both

Notes: Deadly Pupil is a very special limited edition release, coming from the same Deadly Sativa male that made our award winning Anaphylaxis, and a standout Star Pupil S1 phenotype. This is a sample of what’s to come for 2022, lots of unique, devastatingly energetic, totally euphoric and psychoactive haze hybrids! This combination here produces fantastic plants with extremely gooey, greasy, sparkly buds that are almost white on the outside, absolutely loaded in purple color inside when broken up! These buds leave your fingers extraordinarily sticky when handled even a little bit. Extremely sharp lemon cleaner and solvent type aromas with a background of pupil candy funk.

When smoked, the flavor is extremely delicious on the exhale and leaves the room with my favorite haze funk lingering. A strong happiness is immediately felt, with motivation and energy. A bit relaxing in your head and eyes, but the body feels like you are spring loaded and ready for action! Things feel slow around you, because you are moving fast. Some of my favorite kind of weed… you can almost push it into the background to focus on anything important, and then you get moments of that visual influence that really lets you know you’re high… extremely productive weed with a splash of creativity! Brings out appreciation of beauty, big time. Seems to slow down and deepen the perception of things we normally overlook or take for granted… and really feel the “aliveness” of plants, even the keyboard I am typing on right now feels a bit different. Deadly Pupil has a slow and long building high which is inherited from the Deadly Sativa and is one of my all time favorites.

So excited for everybody to enjoy this one. I’ve brought two of my favorite creations together, in both effect and flavor. These plants are easy to grow, do well with being topped once or twice and yield very high. They are an easy grow with a 2-2.5x stretch, nice vigor but nothing overwhelming or challenging. Rock hard buds for a haze hybrid, and sure to please anybody!


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