Mass Medical Strains – Deadly Kernel (13 seeds) w Indigo Pupil (3-Fem seeds)

Mass Medical - Deadly Kernel

Genetics: Kernel PuTang x Deadly Sativa
Seeds in the pack: 13
Sex: Regular
Flowering Time: 8-10 weeks
Type: Sativa
Yield: High
Area: Indoor, outdoor, both: Both

Notes: Deadly Kernel combines two of my most well-known psychedelic haze hybrids from the last 5 years. The Kernel PuTang, known to be so potent that even long time smokers claim it feels "laced" because of how trippy it is. Deadly Sativa, known for its high energy, visual perception changes, and occasional overwhelming effects. Both complement each other beautifully with melted butter, lacquer, lemon, citrus, solvent-like sharpness, lots of frost and an unbelievable intense high! Not for lightweights or beginner smokers, this will take you for a ride and can certainly induce hours of anxiety in the uninitiated. Be warned!
Some phenotypes will exhibit a bergamot orange skunk behind the lemon lacquer terps, others will be extremely super citrus lemon solvent. You will find very large yielding plants with great frost and density, as well as medium yielders with a more foxy structure! Some plants are splashed with purple colors throughout the buds, while others are bright green! You'll be able to smoke these in MA rec dispensaries too, where she is grown by Ocean Breeze Cultivators 🙂
February's release for Year of the Haze 2022.
Uses the same amazing selection of a Deadly Sativa male that made my award winning Anaphylaxis, and ThugPug collab, as well as Flounder Breath and Deadly Pupil! Extreme haze terps, great vigor, yield, and intense psychoactivity!
2-3x Stretch, does well with Topping. Strong branches, but will yield even better if supported, as buds can get large and flop down! 9-10 week flower. Terps can rip through a carbon filter, be warned! High THC and not for the faint of heart. A strong onset can lower blood sugar so have chocolate, honey, sugar, candy, or a full meal on deck so you don't freak out too hard.


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