Mass Medical Strains – Cambodian Child (7 seeds) w Valedictorian 5 seeds Freebie

Mass Medical - Cambodian Child

Genetics: Mel Frank's Cambodian x Indigo Child Bx1
Seeds in the pack: 7
Sex: Regular
Type: Hybrid
Flowering Time: 8-9 weeks
Yield: High
Area: (Indoor, Outdoor, Both): Both

Notes: The Cambodian Child has a psychedelic, euphoric, creative and trippy effect that lasts for hours! A beautiful plant with loads of purple trichomes. Landracey sharp terpenes mixed with strong berry terps, some with skunky berry tones too. This is a combination of a very special female Cambodian gifted to me in seed from Mel Frank, and my cherished male selection of my own Indigo Child Bx1, a genetic line that encompasses my most coveted psychoactive purple expressions! Combining these made a faster and more dense, deep purple version of the Cambodian which grows easier and faster! Dense, frosty, gooey, and checks all the boxes. A one time limited release.


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