Mass Medical Strains – Chem Pupil (7 fem seeds) with Pack Man (3 seed fem freebie pack)

Mass Medical - Chem Pupil

Genetics: Star Pupil x Chem 91
Sex: Feminized
Type: Indica
Flowering Time: 8-9 weeks (occasional fast finisher of 7 weeks!)
Yield: High
Height: Medium (2-2.5x Stretch)
Area (Indoor, Outdoor, Both): Both
Difficulty: Easy. Topping for increased yield.
Flavor: Deep oil rag, chemdog funk, skunky, gassy, with pupil funk mixed in.
Effect: Heavy, psychoactive, relaxing, sedating, mindful, blissful, trippy.
Difficulty: Easy. Topping once or twice can increase yield.
Seeds per pack: 7

Notes: Chem Pupil is actually a cross of my two favorite clones, Star Pupil x Chemdog 91! This feminized hybrid brings together the legendary Chem 91, Skva cut, in a totally unique hybrid with my Star Pupil. SP is known for its good head vibe and synergistic potency in its hybrids, while adding splashes of pink and purple to the bud color, and stronger branching, denser buds, and a bit of pupil funk. The chemdog is some of the deepest richest herb, it really soothes the soul in an extraordinary medicinal way. The fusion of the two is simply perfection!

Buds are sticky gooey like chemdog but more rock hard and dense. Almost too dense, but I know people love that these days. The smell is super deep and dark oily, chemdog and skunk, with a strong pupil funk behind it. When smoking you get an insanely deep and dark, rich oily flavor that tastes unique and tells you that something strong is coming. And at over 30% thc, you’d better be ready for this dreamy intensity! Moments after exhaling, a big smile comes on and I know I’m in for a good time with this one! The headspace comes on strong but gradual at the same time, and soon a full on heady chemdog buzz is in order. Body feels like it’s being hugged by my sweatshirt in a cozy way, and pain in my knees is reducing. Music sounds super bouncy and has maximum depth to it, great weed for enjoying music and focusing while in a relaxed state. This high is potent, medicinal, and has a great vibe to it. It is much more relaxing than some of my potent sativa strains, while still brightening mood in a profound way. Great spiritual potential for positive guidance with this mindset! Something about this smoke seems to also make breathing easier, more natural, and deeper! The lungs feel amazing! Brings on a great munchies session too. I’ve been told the Chem 91 helps harmonize the metabolism of patients who need to put on weight. Certainly a great smoke right before a great home cooked meal! This strain can become overwhelming in intensity, like the Chemdog 91 can, so start by smoking small amounts if you are a lightweight. It is simply extremely potent! I’d say this is my most trippy indica leaning strain. It’s pretty ridiculous!


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