Gage Green Group – Love Garden (7 seeds)

Love Garden - 7 Regular Seeds

I went to the Garden of Love,  And saw what I never had seen:  A Chapel was built in the midst,  Where I used to play on the green. Excerpt from Garden of Love by William Blake in Songs of Innocence and of Experience.
Glue (Sour Dubb / Chem Sis x Chocolate Diesel)
The Glue is a divine creation by Michigan-based growers Joesy Whales, Lone Watty and the GG Strains family. They have released a beast into the community. The Glue is a powerhouse in every aspect. She has vigor. She yields incredibly. Her flowers are sugar coated, sticky, and aromatic. Her sour chem, earthy pine and mocha cappuccino aromas are unmistakable. The Glue is strong and shouldn’t be taken lightly. She will always have a place in our garden. Flower – 63 days, Medium Stretch, Indica Hybrid
Foo Dawg (Foo Fighter x Mendodawg)
The Foo Dawg male selection came from a mix of two GGG creations. The Foo Fighter combined the world of Cookies with Grape Stomper and Aloha White Widow. The Mendodawg combined Mendo Montage with our Daybreaker (Chem x Joseph OG). Both GGG crosses produce high yielding and extremely frosty females with lots of color. Expect these powerful genetics to give you what you are looking for. Potency. Vigor. Flavor. Yield. The Foo Dawg is a stud. Flower – 63 days, Medium Stretch, Indica Hybrid
Breathwork (Mendo Breath x Grateful Breath)
The Breathwork male named Dizzy is a champion heralded from the Breathwork #1 series, a cross of Mendo Breath and Grateful Breath Solomon, made back in Mendocino, CA. Dizzy was selected for his profound vigor and thirst for life. He possesses a unique duck-foot leaf structure that remains flat and consistent throughout his lifecycle. Dizzy is stable and produces purple male flowers that cluster with visible resin production. Expect unseen levels of trichome production resulting in blue and purple, crystal-laden flowers. Flavors consist of sandalwood, pine, citrus, berries, and lavender. Flower – 63 days, Medium Stretch, Indica Hybrid


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