CannaVenture Seeds – Lemon Crash OG Feminized

Lemon Crash OG FEM 

 (Lemon Larry OG clone x Cookie Wreck CV Cut)

(Limited Release for The 10 Year Anniversary Drop)

Seeds per pack:  No less than 5

Sex: Female

Yield: Good

Flower Time : 64 to 68 Days


For the CannaVenture Seeds 10th Anniversary Drop, We want to show our appreciation for all of the support and love we’ve been shown through out the last decade by releasing an amazing line up with a more affordable price that differs from our normal retail prices. Most folks are aware of our Cookie Wreck REG/FEM line, We’ve used it a lot during the last 7 plus years in a number of different seed lines. As many times as we have used these genetics, its still yet to disappoint, and Always produces well rounded hybrids, for everyone from pro growers to inexperienced growers. We reversed our Cookie Wreck CV cut Mom as the pollen donor and used the Lemon Larry OG clone as the “Mom”. Lemon Crash OG FEM is an easy to grow sativa / indica dominate line, that produces good yields of Lemon, Lime, OG smelling flowers. Lemon Crash OG FEM produces beautiful flowers that exhibit “Fall Colors”. Purple / maroon on a green background, that finish flowering between 64 to 68 days. This feminized line, will hold its own in every grow room in the World. Don’t miss out, the decision to purchase / run this gear will make every cultivator happy in the end.


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