Kr0nic K1ng Seed Co – Zap 6 x Lemon Thai F5 (20 reg seeds)

Kr0nic K1ng Seed Co - Zap 6 x Lemon Thai F5

Genetics: Zap 6 x Lemon Thai F5
Seeds in the pack: 20
Sex: Regular
Type: Sativa
Flowering Time: 9-11 weeks
Yield: High
Area (Indoor, Outdoor, Both): Both

Notes: Super high yielding and wild bud structure on these. Dominant growth and Terpenes coming from the Zap side. Maybe seen one or two with Lemon cream terps coming through at all but seemed to have gained more yield from the Lemon Thai. Extremely vigorous with medium stout/thick branched style growth. 2x stretch in Flower. My selected cut smells as if you cleaned up Cranberry juice with a Oil/Grease rag. Smells are Burnt Hair, Mechanic shop, Cranberry, Oatmeal, Almond Milk and Nail Polish Remover with slight sweet lemon cream.

Zap = Oaxacan x Vietnamese Thai
Bred by @plantmoreseeds

Lemon Thai = Thai x Hawaiian
Bred by Dutch Flowers


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