Katsu Seeds – Gas Melons (10 reg. seeds)

Katsu Seeds - Gas Melons

Genetics: Watermelon x Sour Diesel
Sex: Regular
Seeds in pack: 10

Notes: The old Canadian Astroboy Watermelon clone (Apollo13 x Ortega) crossed to Stoney’s infamous Sour Diesel male circa 2008, selected from IBL stock and proven over and over as one of the best Sour Diesel breeding studs ever – now available to the public for the very first time in collaboration with Stone Farms.

“It’s been about a month since the chop and she has been curing in her jar for a few weeks so last night it was time for a test. I opened up the jar to take a whiff. The initial smell was a mix of dry fruit and gas with a bit of hops following. I hope that this this will come through more with a longer cure. The underlying fruitiness is not cloyingly sweet like the Watermelon cut. Is also has a tang to it. A bit like sour patch kids and it actually make my nose tingle. The bud is dense and covered in so much trichomes it sparkles. Could be used as an disco ball if you threw it at the ceiling. Smokes really easy. Very smooth on the inhale with a nice hit of flavor. But on the exhale… Oh boy. It’s the exhale that comes like an explosion, lining the whole inside of my mouth. All the taste from the smell is there and more, it almost numbs your mouth with its sour fruity tones. The taste gets stronger for a while and then just lingers on your palette. It’s definitely not a creeper high. Comes on quickly with more of a hybrid effect. Neither racy nor couch lock, but very strong. Its actually kind of calming with a distinct lack of a paranoid edge that I usually get with sativa leaners. Its deeply meditative. I smoked some during a day of doing completely repetitive tasks in a state of working trance. Wouldn’t recommend operating heavy machinery tho.” @cheesushikes

“this girl here is a mostly sour dominant girl… very easy plant to grow stretched out the watermelon structure opening her up eliminating a lot of pruning work the mom needs to really shine… she has that thick nose burning mouth coating sour with some sweeter candy melon on the back end hiding like one of those sour warhead candies… this was the most sour girl by far outta my run not sweet like the mom at all but has a touch of her mixed in … the sour male definitely added some strength and gas to this cross as well… have a few other impressive girls from this to show but had to get into the sourest first and can say I’m enjoying the fuk outta this joint …” Stoney

“#SMOKE REPORT!!!!! Open the grinder get blasted with flirty sweet flavor. My nose it’s not the best so I can’t pin point what flavor actually. It’s just a sweet fruity smell is what I get. The taste is like a fruity gas smooth smoke. Best parts it’s only been jarred for a few days. Real head high feeling stoned but still can get stuff done but can be easily couch locked. Makes it real tempting but a little encouragements down you can get up and go about your day but you will be spacey.” Germanchoco


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