Cryptic Labs – Item #9 (12 seeds)

Item #9 description:

Item#9 is a good variety if you’re looking for something new to put in your personal stash. This, mostly sativa, is easy to grow/clone and has good bag appeal. It has a very strong odor. The stench that permeates off this one is a nice mix of over ripe mango/pineapple and pungent cheese. The only way you’re going to hide this one is in a top secret underground bunker. It has great long lasting flavor that will make you want to keep hitting it. In higher doses, it will leave you incapacitated. Feeling like a slice of butter melting off a big ole pile of flapjacks and you’ll have a high disregard for authority. 😉 In lower doses The high is a clear headed sativa like effect with a nice relaxed body. A warm happy high, not too racy. This one is good for people that tend to get anxiety but don’t want to be locked down to the couch. 

Item#9 was created by crossing a strain labeled "Pineapple Express" which was a cross of (G13 x Hawaiian) that came from California. That strain was then crossed to my Exodus Cheese cut. Further selections have been made to improve on this variety and to get a good balance of each parent. There are many keepers in each pack. Some will be a little more pineapple and some will be a little more cheese so you will be able to pick one that suits you best. The growth pattern will be the same. It grows like a sativa with mid length internodes with indica/sativa like buds. This strain is best grown in a scrog method due to the wide flat growth and heavy buds that will break the stems if left alone. So this plant will need some support. Also if conditions are met, this plant will show heavy purpling that is sometimes black looking.


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