HydroRed’s – STS Plant Reversal Kit

HydroRed's - STS Kit

Directions for mixing the plant reversal spray:

  1. Add 120-ml (approximately 4 oz) of Distilled or Reverse Osmosis water to the large spray bottle provided in your kit.
  2. Add the contents of the bottle labeled "Part B" to the water in the large spray bottle. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO ADD THIS PART INTO THE BOTTLE FIRST
  3. Slowly add the contents of the bottle labeled "Part A" into the large spray bottle.
  4. Attach the spray bottle cap to the large bottle, tighten, and then give a quick shake to mix the contents & your are now ready to spray!


  1. Store the 2 parts in a cool dark place until ready to mix
  2. Do not mix until you are ready to use, The shelf life is approximately 4 weeks once mixed.
  3. Use gloves and eye protection when mixing or using spray.
  4. Components of the product can permanently stain skin and surfaces.

Recommended Spray Schedule

Begin spraying your plant 5 days before inducing flower. Once flowering is induced, apply again,
Continue to spray every 4-5 days thereafter until desired results are achieved (Usually within 15-25 days depending on what your are reversing).
Spray applications should be made just before dark period.

Thank you for choosing my STS plant reversal kit!! -- Hydro Red


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