Twenty20 – Hot Mess (6 fem seeds)

Twenty20 Mendocino - Hot Mess

Type: Sativa Dominant Feminized
Sex: 6 Feminized Seed per Pack
Lineage: Glue Sniffer x T-Dub (reversed)
Yield: High
Flower Time: 7-8 Weeks

A heavy hitting massive yielding sativa with head spinning euphoric psychoactive effects that seem to never end. Hot mess is oozing with sticky trichomes and emanates a loud aroma of lime zest and mint, like a freshly muddled Mojito.   Her perfect lime green flowers take on the appearance of Trainwreck with a sturdier stature and an aggressive yield that exceeds Glue Sniffer. This is an excellent chase for both the outdoor and indoor cultivator

From the breeder
Hot mess is part of our newly launched sativa project. It was an obvious choice as we are striving to develop more productive outdoor sativa varietals. The results from this project came out even better than expected.  The phenotypic variation in the strain is extremely low. Appearance of the phenotypes is nearly identical with the major difference between them being the terpene profile.  They all tend to lean towards the train wreck, which is normal due to the extremely dominant terpenes in Trainwreck.

Notes from the grower
If you're going for a fast-growing, aggressive, high yielding sativa, hot mess is a great choice. All of the phenotypes in our test runs exhibited similar characteristics. A little bit of trellising is necessary because the plant gets to top heavy towards the end of the cycle but the branches are sturdy enough not to break under their own weight. She has a high metabolism and can handle above average fertilizer and water.


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