Antenna Seeds – Headgames 3 (12-15 Seeds) – with freebie

Headgames 3 -  12-15 Regular Seeds

Genetics: (3dg13 X(JackHererxOGkushxTrainwreck) X 3dg13)

Includes a free five pack of Jackalope Kush

Simply put Headgames3 is a haze plant that gives you the haze buds of a 14-16 week pheno indoors in nine or ten weeks. It is fast finishing, high yielding and ultra ultra potent. This is healthy brain food that can destroy most mental disorders with its concentrated powers. If you want cbds go smoke some hemp! If you want a thc bomb that will keep your head clear but highly medicated this is the one for you. If you have ADHD stop taking speed and start smoking this! If you are a manic depressive this will act as a giant anchor that can keep your boat in one place during a tsunami.

No other sativa like it on earth!

Includes free five seed pack of Jackalope Kush (ChocolopeKushxOGkushXTrainwreck X JackHererxOGkushXTrainwreck) with purchase. The best of Chocolate Thai, Jack Herer, and OGkush in one plant!

photo of HG3 bud grown by 3rdCoaster


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