Twenty20 – Hair of The Dog (16 seeds)

Twenty20 Genetics - Hair of The Dog

Type: Sativa Dominant
Sex: Regular Seeds
Lineage: Mimosa x Glue Sniffer
Yield: High
Flower Time: 7-9 weeks

Hair of the Dog is a blend of two huge yielding, heavy hitting sativas!  We crossed our infamous Glue Sniffer (M) with an up an extremely frosty Mimosa female we have used in production for the recreational flower market. She exhibits sweet, piney, earthy notes along with the expected gassy fumes from the Glue Sniffer. This strain has exceeded our expectations in all manners and has earned herself a rightful place in our seed lineup.

Notes from the Head Grower:
This was an experiment for us that blew away all expectations. Hair of the Dog is one of the most consistently trichrome rich F1 strains in our catalog. Most of the phenos are covered in frost from the stalk to the leaf tips. It usually exhibits lime green colors with faint hints of purple calyxes. It is easy and fun to grow and the yields are well above average. Highly recommended for beginner growers as it adapts well in many different environments and growing conditions. As expected, 2019 Outdoor tests were very successful. This was a high yielding plant with a harvest date of Oct 4th.

Notes from the Breeder:
Our initial goal with Hair of the Dog was to add some gassy funk to a classic CA citrusy sativa. We hit the nail on the head with this one. She has quickly become a house favorite as we definitely plan to continue working with this strain in the future. We plan to use Hair of the Dog in some of our upcoming sativa breeding projects. We have been gathering a treasure trove of rare exotic heirloom sativas and hazes we will be experimenting with in the coming months.


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