Tony Green’s Tortured Beans – Bog OG (10+ reg. seeds)Special

Great Lakes Haze - 10 Regular Seeds

Genetics: (SSSDHxSSH) x Gorilla Bubble BX3
Flowering Time: ~63-77 Days
Yield: Medium to Heavy
Birthday: 3-17-17

Our two SSDH x SSH moms meet the Gb BX3 male in a wide cross to please the sativa and haze lovers. Two phenos were used, one being much taller and one being a shorter stockier plant. Look for that real deep church funk, oily leather shop smells with an amazing soaring haze high backed by a solid deep body from the GB. With the proven resin production increase the Gorilla Bubble brings as well as tightening of the flower formations and knocking the flowering time down, this is special line should not be missed! We will continue to work this line over time. Welcome to the Tortured Beans Haze work! Serious Shit!


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