Cryptic Labs – Gorilla Kong (12 seeds)

Cryptic Labs - Gorilla Kong

Genetics: GG#4 X Congo X GG#4
Sex: 12 Regular Seeds Per Pack
Flowering Time: 10 to 12 Weeks
Yield: Mid to High
Area: Indoor and Outdoor
Notes: Gorilla Kong! The King of all Glue#4! If you're looking for fat stacks of powerful buds, Then look no further. This one not only puts out large dense resin covered buds but it also has a loud pine/fuel Aroma. Gorilla Kong is easy to grow and has good vigor. It's great for growers seeking a low maintenance line that will outperform most finicky "elite" hybrids. these beasts have a strong effect that will put most people in their place with a knock out one two punch to the head and body. First comes a soaring uplifting head high that will leave you in the clouds and finishes off with a smooth sailing body buzz that has been shown to melt away pain and relax stiff muscles.


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