Tony Green’s Tortured Beans – Sour Bubble Tribute Case (30+ reg. seeds) + CD Case – 1 per order Special

Gorilla Dubble - 10 Regular Seeds

Genetics: Sour Dubble x Gorilla Bubble BX2

The chosen Gorilla Bubble BX2 father hit up the famed Sour Dubb clone only. A special one time project that I hope brings you great joy. The amazing tastes of the Sour Dubb plant have become legendary in the cannabis world. In this special inbreeding remix with GG4 and Sour Bubble genetics look for a more refined dense floral structure, amazing resin production and some special terpene profiles that will not be found elsewhere. Done in 58-63 weeks solid. Don't let her run too long or you will lose on on the special Dubb


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