Tony Green’s Tortured Beans – Pureknowledge (10+ reg. seeds)Special

Gorilla Bubble BX3f1 - 10 Regular Seeds

Genetics: Gorilla Bubble BX3 x Gorilla Bubble BX3
Flowering Time: ~63 days
Yield: Medium to Heavy
Birthday: 3-17-17

The BX F1 lines have put out some truly fantastic hybrid examples that are well documented by many around the world. If you prefer the hybrid phenos this line is for you, glue leaners and sour bubble leaners in small percents. GB is a micro hog so go hard on your micros and she will reward you with some of the most intense resin production on the market today! A sneak preview of our full sib crosses to come as we work toward a truly homozygous GB line. This line will have some of the best of both worlds and a great place to look for a unique mom that will out shine both of her parents!


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