Seeds of Compassion – Gorilla Biscuit 1x (12 Seeds)

Gorilla Biscuit 1x - 12 Regular Seeds

Genetics: (Black Gorilla Biscuit x Silverback Gorilla Biscuit)

Gorilla Biscuit IX using the legendary cut that FourWiseEyes found in the original test grow and also an epic beast pheno that was found out here in Washington State. These exceptionally potent and loud females were mated with an absolute killer Gorilla Biscuit male that noodles found. The Washington cut is really grabbing hold out here recently- 3 different commercial growers have dropped ALL of the other genetics so as to mono crop the Gorilla Biscuit. She smells like nail polish remover and sour mango, pretty crazy; yield is massive but is still very, very potent with an EXCELLENT QUALITY to the stone! For those of you that are unfamiliar with Gorilla Biscuit, the genetics are as follows... the rarest and most potent Sensi Star ( Turpentine pheno ) x male StarDawg IX done by JJ-NYC that I found in the original release many years ago. Gorilla Biscuit is a massive yielder of triple A 5 star green goodness. Excellent pain Killer, muscle relaxer and also helps with sleep. Terpenes are LOUD/Sour/Chem/Pine/Lime/Fuel/Fruit.


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