Genetic Designer – Tiger’s Eye (10 seeds)

Genetic Designer - Tiger's Eye

Genetics: Whoa SI Whoa (The White x Dosidos) x Power TK BX (Triangle Kush x Triangle Kush x Triangle Kush x Cherry Pie Kush x Grateful Breath)
Seeds Per Pack: 10
Sex: Regular
Flowering Time: 56-70 days
Flowering Profile: Thick white frost, dense flowers, unique calyx structure
Flowering Stretch: 1.5 - 2X
Smells: Vanilla, lavender, diesel, caramel
Effects: pain relief, potent, narcotic, relaxed, creative, meditative

Notes: Tiger’s eye celebrates the new lunar year. the year of the tiger. an auspicious and powerful year that carries great significance. tigers are brave and strong. they oppose evil spirits. the tiger is used as a symbol for protection in taoist art and architecture. tiger’s eye is a chatoyant gemstone which represent the same properties of strength and confidence. tiger’s eye opens the mind for discernment and wisdom. a perfect name for the new year as we conquer our fears and overcome our weaknesses. A marriage two heirlooms from the genetic designer archive, tiger’s eye brings potency, power, and irresistible allure. The mother is a champion clone-only called the whoa si whoa which was gifted by a friend many moons ago. a unique 30%+ selection by top shelf cultivation and cannarado, she has become a superstar in the garden and has adapted incredibly to the biological ecosystem. she develops a delectable purple body with pure white frost and a lemony, roasted coffee kush flavor profile. The father, recently seen featured in the diamond fruit, adds yield and gas to the mix. witness incredible stacking and calyx structure from this male. the power, as we call him, is a massive, backcrossed kush male. the progeny of royal heirlooms including triangle kush, high school sweetheart, cherry pie kush, and grateful breath. we are proud to offer seeds from the finest genetics that have crossed our path. Our team has hand-selected the most exquisite seeds from the tiger’s eye pollination to make available to the public.


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