Genetic Designer – Supercelestial Signature Box (77 seeds) Pre-order release date 9-9-2023

Genetic Designer - Supercelestial Signature Box

Includes signed limited edition sticker

Includes signed moodmat, fine art print, & tee

Includes 77 seeds

Includes sour diesel in tissue culture

Lifetime guarantee

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Mother: Heirloom Sour Diesel ((Chem 91 x (Massachusetts Super Skunk x Northern Lights)) x Dnl (Rfk Skunk X Hawaiian))
Father: Om Mani Padme Hum (Miles A Head (Triangle Kush x Breathwork (Mendo Breath x Grateful Breath))) F2

First filial generation
Flowering time: 63-77 days
Flowering stretch: 1.5-2.5x
Flowering profile: viney growth, greasy, resinous, sticky, massive, stacking
Flavors: strawberries, lemon, lime, honey, candy, saffron, wintergreen mint, myrrh, pine, camphor, cypress, petrol, gasoline, burnt rubber, skunk, turpentine, & incense
Effects: active, awareness, social, euphoric, creative, clarity, social, happy, insightful
Release date: September 9, 2023


Description: Embark on a sensory sojourn with supercelestial, a strain meticulously crafted to resonate with the soul’s deepest yearnings. Drawing inspiration from the heady expression of our heirloom sour diesel and the divine vibrations of the om mani padme hum, the genetic designer masterpiece weaves a tale of cosmic connections. Let supercelestial guide you on a voyage into the canopy of stars.

Designer chakra collection

Lifetime guarantee

Supercelestial long introduction: Welcome to supercelestial, a celestial symphony of art and spirituality, inspired by the timeless beauty of the thousand-petaled lotus—sahasrara. Bathed in ethereal hues of violet and white, the supercelestial design serves as a bridge to cosmic consciousness. Our offering is a fragrant tapestry of strawberries, saffron, and a myriad of transcendent aromas. With each potent breath, you are transported—into states of active awareness, euphoria, creativity, and clarity. As you explore our curated presentation, may you be enveloped in lotus resonance. Each element has been designed to inspire mindfulness and connection with the heavens. Join us in this spiritual odyssey, where every creation is a portal to higher consciousness. May the supercelestial experience be a luminous talisman on your journey towards innate potency and divinity.



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