Genetic Designer – Fructus No. 1 – Apple Grape Punch (10 seeds) Pre-order release date 11/11

Genetic Designer - Fructus No. 1 - Apple Grape Punch

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Mother: Apple (russianassassinboyz cut) (apple fritter s1 (sour apple x 09 animal cookies (ogkb x fire og bx)))
Father: Euphoros (purple punch x aloha grape stomper (grape stomper x (grape stomper x aloha white widow)))
First filial generation
Flowering time: 49-56 days
Flowering stretch: 1.5-2x
Flowering profile: purple, greasy, resinous, sticky, large flowers, vigorous, and faster flowering
Flavors: apple, peach, grape, strawberry, pineapple, mango, papaya, candy, lavender, jasmine, rose, saffron, almond, cucumber, gasoline, & pine.
Effects: social, uplifting, euphoric, creative, relaxing, calming, happy, & laughs.
Release date: 11/11/2023

Description: an exquisite, hyper-limited release intertwining delectable candy and fruity genetics, unfurling a mesmerizing symphony of flavors, from citrus zest to potent petrol, with effects that levitate your senses to euphoric, meditative realms. 🚀 with just 20 packs available, seize your exclusive reservation to embark on a transcendent cultivation journey.

Notes: Embark upon a journey through a tapestry of complex flavors and vibrations with the exclusive release of fructus no. 1, also known as apple grape punch. This mesmerizing strain waltzes through a garden of luscious citrus, tantalizing tropicals, bold berries, underpinned by a potent, gassy undertone ensuring a rich, potent punch. Apple grape punch is a passage through the scences.
Birthed from the celebrated union of the indulgent apple mother (a gift from the russianassassinboyz) and the transcending euphoros father, fructus no. 1 is a first filial generation hybrid that offering an 8-9 week flowering time, producing dense, greasy, and resinous flowers, emanating an intoxicating array of flavors. With only 20 packs, each comprising 10 meticulously curated seeds, available at a premium reservation price of 1000 usd, this is an invitation to an elite cultivation experience, poised to enlighten your senses and soul in a euphoric, uplifting trance. Your ticket to this sensual escapade releases on november 11, 2023 – a moment where the zenith of exquisite breeding and luxurious cannabis enjoyment coalesce.



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