Genetic Designer – Fire Opal (7 seeds)

Genetic Designer - Fire Opal

Genetics: Motorbreath #15 (sfv og x chem d) x Power TK BX (triangle kush x triangle kush) x High School Sweetheart (cherry pie kush x grateful breath)
Seeds Per Pack: 7
Sex: Regular
Flowering Time: 63-70 days
Flowering Profile: Crown kush flowers, stacked calyxes, viney structure
Flowering Stretch: 1.5 - 2X
Smells: caramel, cake, kush, eucalyptus
Effects: uplifting, pain-relief, meditative, relaxation

Notes: Genetic designer introduces fire opal, a stone of passion, confidence, and creativity. while the first three releases from genetic designer have been limited to under fifteen packs, there will be fifty packs of fire opal released to the world. fire opals are known for stimulating fiery energy within. In the spirit of the name, we decided to combine the kushiest and fueliest heirlooms in the genetic designer archives. No other flavor profile defines fire cannabis more than gas. Fire Opal combines the gasiest genetics in the us market. Fire Opal is the descendent of champions parents.  The mother, the motorbreath #15, has been a part of the gd library for over five years. She is long been treasured for her incredibly flammable essences. Motorbreath #15 is a combination of the best kush from both coasts of the United States.  Her genetics come from the chemdog from the east coast and the San Fernando valley og from the west coast. Both legends in the cannabis world. Genetic Designer is proud to pass on the genetics from power. The power is a stud which carries genetics from the triangle kush, cherry pie kush, ogkb, and underdog og. This includes the famous high school sweetheart and grateful breath. The power is the progeny of the finest kush varietals that has made its way through the gd garden. Genetic Designer is honored to offer the finest genetics in the industry. May the fire opal inspire you to move through life with confidence, to conquer all your fears, and to discover the truth within your aspirations.


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