Genetic Designer – Dragon Collection – Alpine (11 seeds) Pre-order

Genetic Designer - Dragon Collection - Alpine

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Genetics: Love 2.513 (Beleaf Gas Cut) X Tk Hss Bx1

Intro: Explore the depths of the designer archives. Drawing from archival classics like the punch aloha grape, the sweetest fruit ancestry, to the ftz cut, debuting in seed form for the first time, to the cherry african landrace ibl, selected for the exhilarating, electric effects, the team showcases breadth and offers a dynamic palette for infinite possibilities. The designer team draws from ancient ancestral lines to honor the year of the dragon.

Delve into the archives, where timeless classics and modern superstars manifest the future. The Designer team breathes fire into 2024. From Cherry Pie Kush S1 to FTZ to the Sweet flavor factories, we draw inspiration from ancient ancestral roots. This rich tapestry of genetics explores multiple champion cannabis lines that have been held in archive for over ten years. The 2024 collection honors Dragon energy, blending tradition with intuition and design.



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