Gage Green Group – Tyger (7 seeds)

Tyger - 7 Regular Seeds

Flowering Time: – 63 days
Height: Medium Stretch
Type: Indica Dominant
Tyger Tyger, burning bright,  In the forests of the night;  What immortal hand or eye,  Could frame thy fearful symmetry? Excerpt from The Tyger by William Blake in Songs of Innocence and of Experience.
Triumphant (Triangle Kush x Grape Stomper OG)
The Triumphant 4 is a future legend. The Triumphant 4 produces tighter flowers with a bright lemon flavor. She has the classic kush structure  and growth. Unforgettable lemon, pineapple and sandalwood essence. The Triumphant boasts rock hard flowers reminiscent of Triangle Kush with increased density, frost and fat calyxes. Her flowers are so hard that they jingle in the jar.

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