Gage Green Group – Satchmo (15 seeds)

Satchmo - 15 Regular Seeds

Genetics: Purple Malawi x Harold Land Ad Hoc
Satchmo is a nickname attributed to the inspiration behind much of Gage Green. Louis Armstrong. Pops. Satchmo. Louis was a Jazz era master, artist and entertainer. He coined the term “Gage” and he was never shy about his use of cannabis. Pops inspired vitality and musical craftsmanship at its finest. Inspired by Satchmo, we aspire to create masterpieces through our life and through
our craft.
Purple Malawi (Landrace Sativa)
The Purple Malawi is a spectacular selection from the ACE and Cannabiogen Malawi landrace seed selection. The Purple Malawi selected to be used in this cross was a faster flowering varietal that produced dark purple flowers and buds. The Purple Malawi aroma contains a bouquet of licorice, lemon-lime, and lavender. The energetic and mental creativity is something that we always
want to have around. Flower – 91 days, Medium Stretch, Sativa
Ad Hoc (Ghost OG x Joseph OG)
Inspired by Harold Land, a hard bop tenor saxophonist who developed a modern and whimsical style, Ad Hoc evokes genius, intuition, and artistry. The Ad Hoc male is a spectacular specimen displaying the Kush structure with immense vigor and vitality. The Harold Land Ad Hoc was selected for his aromas and stability. The Ghost OG and the Joseph OG in the Ad Hoc lend
delicious earthy-Kush aromas to his offspring. This Ad Hoc male stands out in a crowd. The Ad Hoc will pass dense and resinous flowers with massive bag appeal. Flower – 70 days, Medium Stretch, Indica Hybrid

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