Gage Green Group – Breath (7 seeds)

Gage Green Genetics - Breath (7 seeds)

Genetics: Cherry Pie Kush x Prominence Cherry Pie Kush x High School Sweetheart Cheery Pie Kush x Grateful Breath OGKB x Joseph OG
Seeds Per Pack: 7

B R E A T H, a new cross by Gage Green Group, is a culmination of a decade working with the best cuts sourced from the leading edge of haute cannabis. Searching the landscape for the rarest and most exotic, GGG offers authentic legacy when it comes to highly desired genetics. A combination of world-renown Cherry Pie Kush and OGKB genetics harmonized with the heroic Joseph OG from the Gage Green Group ancestry,  B R E A T H  commands respect and honors the original essence.

In the SF Bay Area, Gage Green Group offered the first crosses in the industry with the famous OG Kush Breath (OGKB) cut which became the Mendo Breath and Grateful Breath. In Mendocino, California, Gage Green Group was given the scoop of where the OG Kush Breath and Cookies cuts had originated from; a fairly unknown and mysterious cut - the Cherry Pie Kush.

Cherry Pie Kush is the original Cherry Pie and Cookies. Rumored to be a cross of multiple lines including Durban Poison, Chemdog and Paki Chitral Kush, the Cherry Pie Kush is a creation by George, who has chosen to remain out of the limelight. Originally from the East Coast, George brought old school gas and potency to the Emerald Triangle and amongst his projects was a clone-only called CPK or Cherry Pie Kush. Only a small circle of farmers hold this cut in the Emerald Triangle. This cutting was gifted to us while we were on tour across the nation promoting natural farming.


B R E A T H  is life. B R E A T H is the first and is the last.

B R E A T H  is energy. The practice and consciousness of breathing is called Pranayama, Qigong, or Breathwork. At GGG, we have incorporated Breathwork into our daily practice and meditation. When we utilize the herb through inhalation, we are practicing conscious utilization of B R E A T H. Channeling the terpene-filled gases through the passageways and into the deepest recesses of our body, we discovered the potency of conscious B R E A T H.


Despite being one of the most exotic cuts to hit the scene in the past decade, the Cherry Pie Kush has a tendency to seed itself when the room is not perfectly dialed. This cut is a measuring stick for how well a grower grows. The story goes, one of the indoor rooms of Cherry Pie Kush had light leaks and the grower accidentally created some bagseeds. These bagseeds were selected by budtenders in San Francisco. These seeds were rebranded to Cherry Pie and Cookies and credit was taken from George.


Cherry Pie Kush is still one of the hardest cuts to obtain in the industry. Gage Green Group has been working with the Cherry Pie Kush for almost an entire decade and has released multiple drops including the High School Sweetheart (Cherry Pie Kush x Grateful Breath), Aymi (Cherry Pie Kush x Mendodawg), Sunset Impressions No. 7 (Cherry Pie Kush x (Triangle Kush x High School Sweetheart)), and Prominence (Cherry Pie Kush x High School Sweetheart).

We are honored and grateful to the Most High for blessing us with these incredible genetics and allowing us to offer these exquisite crosses to the world.


Cherry Pie Kush is a hallmark of the GGG BIODOME. Despite ten years of working with new hybrids and exotic cuts, the Cherry Pie Kush still, to this day, expresses herself with elegance and ease. As the true ancestor of the density profile seen in the Cherry Pie, Cookies, Sherbet, Gelato, Mendo Breath, and all the “Breath” crosses that follow, the Cherry Pie Kush produces rock-hard density enveloped with purple and blue gemstones. A piece of Heaven on Earth.

In the GGG BIODOME, we see vigor and strength every time we flower her. She holds herself well with hard limbs and structure. The flavor is Cherry and Pie Crust but the Cherry Pie Kush contains a gas profile that is completely lost in most of her progeny. Imagine if Cherry Pie and Cookies still retained an OG Kush flavor. Truly spectacular.

It is with great distinction and pleasure that we introduce  B R E A T H  to the world. A name that transcends the past, present and future. Breathe the flavor and essence of the original. We value originality and authenticity

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