Gage Green Group – Prana (21 seeds)

Gage Green Genetics - Prana 21 pack

Genetics: Glue x [Cake x (Punch x Aloha)]

This new hybrid is a cross between an original Glue mother and the Wedding Cake x Mr 66 (Purple Punch x Aloha Grape Stomper) father. Combining the greasiness and volatile gasses from the Glue with anything creates a monster yielder that retains its divine taste and quality. The Glue tends to dominate many of its crosses, but we found a male to complete her. The Wedding Cake x Mr 66 (Purple Punch x Aloha Grape Stomper) selection holds color, flavor, potency and bag appeal. This male contains all the qualities of a world champion. From the peppermint and tropical fruit essential oils that come off the stem to the colorful and heavy pollen sacs, we present one of the most outstanding male selections from 2020.

Prana means breath. Breath is the fundamental life force that sustains humanity. Prana is the connection between the spiritual and the physical. The unseen force which fills us with energy and vitality. Prana or Breath have played an essential theme in the journey of Gage Green Group. In our healing journey, we have dived into the powerful attributes of Breathwork or Pranayama. Through the study of breath we have learned methods to deeper meditation and bring life force to all aspects of life. Mastery of Breath is Mastery of Life.

Let this union in seed be a constant reminder to place awareness on the Breath. Let us be grateful for each and every Breath. Enter the potency of Prana. Enter the potency of Gage.

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