Mass Medical Strains – Eastcoasterlamb (13 seeds) with Mass Medical freebie

Mass Medical Strains - Eastcoasterlamb

Lineage: Mr. E x Jamaican Lambsbread
Type: Landrace Sativa
Flavor: Natural, sativa citric woodsy sweet.
Effect: Uplifting, happy, functional. Great daytime smoke.
Flower Time: 10-12 weeks
Veg Time: Quick, vigorous.
Yield: Super Heavy
Height: Medium

Large yielding strain based on the rare classic Lambsbread Jamaican Landrace! This unique sativa dominant plant has uplifting energetic effects, giant chunky colas, and a flavor reminiscent of nature, spice and planty with a sweet woodsy aroma. 10-12 week bloom, large yielder. Lambsbread dominant. Lambsbread used is from early 1990s seed stock straight from the Jamaican outdoors. Mr E (from Eastcoasterdam) was used to add stability to the genetics and is mostly recessive. Stretch is manageable, a normal 2x!


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