Dragons Flame Genetics – Red Bulgarian Dragon F1 (10 seeds)

Dragons Flame Genetics - Red Bulgarian Dragon F1

Genetics: Blowfish Bulgarian x Dragons Stash F2
Number of seeds in the pack: 10
Sex: Regular
Type: (Indica, Sativa, Hybrid) Hybrid
Flowering Time: 7-9 weeks
Yield: High
Area: (Indoor, Outdoor, Both): Both

The Red Bulgarian Dragon is one of our truly unique flowers, with an old-school vibe. Beautiful colors with  hard dense buds coated in resin. The 2 main phenotypes are a high THC complex terp and a 50/50 THC/CBD phenotype that has a funky citrus terp. The 1:1 phenotype is great for seizures, migraines, and true medicine. The high THC phenotype is a stocky plant that can be grown in harsh climates with great success, or for show stopping beauty.

Terps: Complex funk, Pungent skunky berry, citrus




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